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I met Agnes at Affinity's Wealth Management Workshop and became her client in 2017.  I knew how to earn money and knew how to spend money but not so much when it came to financial planning and investment. For the past 20 years since moving to Canada my self-directed investment portfolio is not something I am particularly proud of. 


Agnes took the time during our meetings to listen and understand my financial issues. She is a teacher at heart. Everything is clearly explained and easy to understand, and every decision I take after meeting is followed up to make sure that I continue to be happy with it.   She always has a holistic approach and works on multiple facets of my finances which agrees on my philosophy and basics of wealth management. 


She is always contactable, courteous, and helpful.  I am extremely pleased with the decision to put my finances in her care which provides me more capital to invest and enjoy life. I cannot recommend Agnes and her team highly enough.


Jay Zhu  (Vancouver)        

I m very happy and grateful to have Agnes Tse of Meraki Financial Services Inc. looking after my family's financial investments such as my RRSP and TFSA.

No one could have taken care of our finances like their own except Agnes. She is super knowledgeable with the correlation of financial markets in times of crisis. She is amazingly proactive and watches over all of her clients portfolios. She consistently and constantly looking for opportunities and growth and most importantly takes action before it's too late.

I m grateful that I m able to preserve my hard earned Retirement money during a market crisis. I highly recommend Meraki Financial Services Inc. and Agnes Tse as a financial advisor to anyone who is looking for a stable and steady growth in their financial wealth.

Sharon Yuen   (Calgary)

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